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Learning from Cappadocia: What Makes a Place Special/Unique? Basics for Environmental Design and Edu

By : Ayse Sentürer

Cappadocia is a very unique, old, historical, natural and even futuristic place. It has a very strong sense of landscape, space, and context. Cappadocia's environmental quality leads people to ask, to find out the reasons for its attraction. This work, as with the visitors to Cappadocia, attempts to look for and eventually express these reasons. Primarily the ones that form the basis for its attraction and secondly, "what makes Cappadocia a special/unique place". It tries to benefit from the potential of an awareness created by appreciating these properties as the required "basic characteristics" of a unique place and environmental quality; and hence proposes that, transferring them into design practice and educational programs would be very meaningful. At the same time it also tries to make a proposal for improving and carrying these positive qualities of Cappadocia into the future.

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