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By : Greger S., U.Keijer , I.Werner

This article describes a pre- and post-occupancy evaluation of ICT functions in a residential housing unit called Vallgossen. The building comprises 126 flats, and is located in Stockholm, Sweden. In total, 11 households took part in the evaluation and each household was interviewed twice. The objective of this study is to clarify whether built-in ICT technology in dwellings have any user value. This technology comprises a home network with different alarms, energy measurement features, a system for booking common facilities etc. To control the home network, the residents use a laptop computer. Their flats are also equipped with a broadband connection, an integrated system for the computer and telephone and electronic keys. In addition to these functions, 21 flats feature a security camera at the front door, reception boxes and a built-in grid system for loud speakers. We found that resident satisfaction was highest with the ICT features that increase the residentsí safety and security, save time and improve comfort. We also found that is very important to design hardware and software for optimal user-friendliness so as to encourage and enable the residents to use it.

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