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GANDHI-NU-GAM: LUDIYA, KUTCHCHH Rebuilding Rural Kutchchh through Community Participation

By : Yatin Pandya

Gandhi-Nu-Gam:Ludiya is a typical traditional village in the Kutchchh region of Gujarat, India which was devastated by an earthquake in 2001. Its holistic rehabilitation by the Vastu Shilpa Foundation and Manav Sadhna includes sociocultural and economic systems and house forms which ensure and maintain the continuum of suddenly disrupted traditions. A participatory development process involved the residents in all decisions concerning choice of relocation site, settlement pattern, clustering, choice of dwelling location, type and construction and provision of amenities, as well as environmental management. Infrastructure improvements such as check-dams, toilets, solar-cell electrification and smokeless-stoves were also carried out.
Keywords : Earthquake, Kutchchh, Bungha, Traditional Construction, Appropriate Technology

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