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QUESTIONS THAT WILL NOT GO AWAY: Some Remarks on Long-Term Trends in Architecture...

By : N. John Habraken

I want to raise a more philosophical question. What fundamental images and ambitions have guided us in the past and may guide us in the future? I want to particularly call attention to the way we explain ourselves to ourselves and to those we work with. This question may not seem practical but, ultimately, our self-image determines the way we design: our buildings reflect how we see ourselves. To let you know right from the beginning what I am aiming at, my talk can be summarized as follows: we come from a tradition of monument builders, but today we are almost entirely immersed in design for everyday environments. Where we come from is very different from what we do now. The way we see ourselves is a product of the past and is becoming increasingly counter productive.
Keywords : Architectural Education, Every Day Environment, Design Responsibilities, Teaching Formats

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