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By : Antonieta Angulo

The aim of this paper is to provide a structured collection of case studies organized around the core discussion of how to address the subject of digital media in schools of design in general and architecture in particular. By means of these case studies it will be possible to understand the trajectory that we have followed in the Department of Architecture at Texas A&M University, having as main goal the incorporation of digital media instruction in design curricula and to assess whether our instructional methods and strategies are in tune with our present understanding of the role of digital media in design. The case studies have been organized following three main contextual themes, namely: shaping our understanding of the role of digital media in design, incorporating digital media in the design studio, and adapting to the availability of new technology. The paper includes the identification of critical issues, among them: polarization between traditional and digital media, solutions for continuous learning and update, and pervasive accessibility of digital means. The paper states conclusions and identifies the opportunities and challenges that we foresee in the near future based on the implementation of multidisciplinary integration and the development of multimodal and media- rich design environments.
Keywords : Digital Media Instruction, Design Studios, Design Education, Multimodal and Media-Rich Integration, BIM.

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