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LEARNING FROM THE VERNACULAR:Sustainable Planning and Design

By : Ahmet Eyüce

Ecologically fit built form and settlement is an outcome of harmonious modes of interaction between the man-made and the natural environment. It is also the prerequisite of a sustainable planning and design process. In building terms, an ecologically fit building involves the existence of appropriate schemes of enclosures and exposures of indoor spaces which is achieved through fundamental building features like relations with the ground, properties of building mass, treatment of the building envelop and roof performance. While the debate on the conflicting aspects of the two extremes, namely the international style and regionalism, continues to occupy architectural media, a new paradigm of place dependent ecological architecture has to be formulated. In this connection it is not surprising to notice that vernacular built form based on building traditions are ecologically fit and may well constitute a sound source of information. This study aims at deciphering relevant clues to be utilized as design guidelines through the analysis of fundamental building features of vernacular built environments.
Keywords : Enclosure,Exposure, Introversion ,Extroversion, Ecological Design, Settlement Patterns, Vernacular Building; Ecologically Fit Building.

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