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By : Zbigniew Bromberek

The argument presented in this paper is based on distinctive and exploitable differences which merit putting ecotourists, eco-resorts and the coastal tropics into categories of their own. Such differences should inform planning and design process when working in this environment, which is both very sensitive and valuable. The paper aims to describe the main characteristics of the coastal tropics as a climate targeted by eco-tourism. Differences between eco-tourists and residents are presented through definition of comfort. Climatic and other factors influencing comfort limits are at the core of discussion, in which passive design is seen as the most appropriate response to challenges of the tropical coast setting. The design opportunities for the desirable climate modifications in eco-friendly resorts together with some passive design features are briefly presented. These architectural design solutions are set against theoretical principles specific to tropical coastal regions. The focus is on human responses to environmental factors, and on their implications. The paper concludes with a few recommendations aimed to deliver indoor conditions consistent with climatic preferences of itinerant environmentally conscious users of buildings in the coastal tropics. Such an approach is expected to minimize impacts the facility will make on the environment.
Keywords : Eco-resort, Coastal Tropics, Comfort, Design.

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