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By : Rodrigo G., Maureen T., Hernan

This article reviews a hot spring spa located in the south of Chile and discusses the contribution of this project to the development of a particular route to sustainability that is highly grounded in a poetic sensitivity to nature and culture. Termas Geometricas, the work of architect Germán del Sol, is an interesting example of an architectural intervention that overlays subtle ecological design principles in a place of outstanding beauty, where the result not only respects, but also celebrates nature. The architect's first concern in the design process was "to discover what is in the place", above and beyond the geographical or cultural aspects. Principles of environmental design included the use of local materials and local labor, low energy strategies and a general approach to favoring the crude experience of nature towards the limits of comfort. Buildings are barely heated and naturally ventilated, while there is limited provision of electricity, which encourages the experience of the wind, sun, rain and the magnificent beauty of nature. The conclusions stress the fact that there is a new wave of tourism facility in Chile, which has achieved a surprising commercial success by combining careful design, sound environmental principles and natural potential oriented to exalting the experience of place.
Keywords : Environmental Design, Place, Nature, Hot Spring Spa.

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