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By : Nicholas Wilkinson

This issue is one of the Open Issues of Open House International. Open Issues do not conform to a specific subject themes but follow the more general publishing framework of Open House International. This framework is shaped around the forces which act on built environment and which maintain, change and transform it. Open Issues deal with these issues and in particular with responsive, self-sustaining and re-usable environments which have the capacity to respond to change.
TBA INTERNATIONAL This month also sees the appearance of the journal TBA International. TBA stands for Time-Based Architecture. TBA International is a new full colour quarterly journal from the Urban International Press. It publishes only built projects all of which deal with the time-based concepts of re-use, change and adaptability. Thus it can be considered a close relative to Open House International but deals exclusively with projects from architectural practice rather than research, theories and ideas from the academic world TBA International is specifically aimed at architectural practices whose designers can benefit from the well crafted project descriptions and the high quality photographic images. University libraries and bookshops are additional outlets. Whilst the publishing focus of TBA is on buildings which specifically address the time and polyvalency factors, the geographic scope covers European and Scandinavian countries to start with and will widen to other parts of the world in later issues. The first issue (March 2008) is guest edited by Helen G. Welling from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen in Denmark and supported by Dr. ir Bernard Leupen, School of Architecture, Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. This issue deals with mixed use functions and residential buildings. TBA will also examine the work of different architectural offices in different countries which deal with time-based architectural projects. TBA International was inspired by the book by Bernard Leupen et al. (School of Architecture, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands) called TIME-BASED ARCHITECTURE published by 010 publishers, Rotterdam. We would appreciate your subscription/abonnement support for this well designed and informative journal. A sample free copy can also be had on request. A PayPal facility is available at Payment is simple, safe and fast and accepts any currency. All that is required is a credit card number. The subscription cost is 50.00 sterling a year for four issues in March, June, September and December.
Nicholas Wilkinson March 2008

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