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MAKING THE EDIBLE CAMPUS: A model for food-secure urban revitalisation

By : V. Bhatt, L. M. Farah, N. Luka , J. M. Wolfe

The Edible Campus project was begun in spring 2007 in Montréal. An action-research project launched by volunteers and researchers from two leading local NGOs and university-based researchers (Alternatives, [online]; Santropol Roulant, [online]; McGill University's Minimum Cost Housing Group, [online]), it sought creative solutions to turn underutilised urban spaces into productive places. It involved citizens in the creation of green community spaces by incorporating productive growing in containers on a prominent but concrete-covered part of McGill University's downtown campus. Not only is it an investigation into making cities more food-secure by increasing urban food production, it is also a live demonstration of how 'edible landscapes' can be woven into urban spaces without diminishing their utility or functionality.
Keywords : Design, Sustainability, Urban Agriculture, Food Security.

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