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By : Magda Mostafa

Autistic Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder estimated to inflict 1 in every 150 children, regardless of sociocultural aspects, with a four to one prevalence in males over females, (ADDM, 2007). It involves a complex sensory perceptual model, variant from that of the typical individual. It manifests itself in the form of repetitive behaviour, lack of social skills and communication delays and challenges. Being a life-long infliction, individuals with autism require a comprehensive range of specialized support services, including residential, from childhood to adulthood. Housing services for special needs, in general, conventionally deal with issues of physical access. The provisions required for developmentally challenged individuals, such as those with autism are rarely considered. This paper aims to provide a precedent to help guide the adaptation process in the case of group residential accommodation for autistic adults in mass housing projects. After a brief examination of the available literature in the field, a case study will be presented, illustrating design criteria developed for adapting housing for autistic use.
Keywords : Autism, Accessibility, Adaptation, Inclusive Design, Housing.

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