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By : Mukaddes Fasli, Farnaz Pakdel

This study assesses the Laguna District's spatial qualities in Gazimagusa. Gazimagusa is a coastal settlement that possesses long golden beaches. However, almost all sea fronts are closed to the public. There is both a physical and a visual barrier along the sea-shore. The Laguna District is the only area in the city, where the sea-shore is open to the public. Therefore, this district is an important area. In this study, three indicators and eleven determinants are used to assess the spatial qualities of the Laguna District. The indicators are natural and physical aspects as well as existing functions and activities in the district. In this research, the determinants are used in question form for assessing the spatial qualities of the Laguna District. The first part of this paper discusses some theoretical issues related to the significance of sea fronts in respect of coastal settlements and the spatial qualities of the coastal districts. Observation and physical analysis methods are used for assessing the spatial qualities. According to findings, some recommendations are given for improving the spatial qualities of the Laguna District.
Keywords : Laguna District, Spatial Quality, Coastal District, Sea Front, Gazimagusa.

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