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Traditional Urban Planning Approaches and Sustainable City

By : Syful Islam

The quality of city life and well being of city dwellers is central goal of urban planning approaches. Nevertheless, unsystematic and short-term planning approaches of cities have produced incomprehensible sprawl, which deteriorates social, economic and ecological sustainability of the city. The need to alleviate or remove these problems systematically for improving the social, ecological, spatial and economical components of the city is contemporary issue, though most of the planning systems do not yet explicitly address those issues of sustainability. This paper considers Urban planning as a key term as it has the capability to reveal the implications of land use strategies, policies and programmes for the social, economic and physical components of environment. In addition, all the traditional urban planning approaches have outlined to explore their soundness in the sustainable city planning, discuss the main approach followed for sustainable city planning, and outline emerging approach in both theory and sustainable city planning practice.
Keywords:Sustainable City, Sustainable Development, Urban Planning, Grand Planning and Piecemeal Planning.

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