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Adaptive Re-use and Urban Regeneration in Dhaka - A theoretical exploration

By : Quazi M. Mahtab-uz-Zaman

At a time, when there are world-wide calls for sustainable building design and construction focusing on building adaptation and remodeling rather than demolition and replacement, a local system of remodeling and functional adaptation has been applied in many residential and commercial buildings in Bangladesh. Focusing on case studies in Dhaka city where major urban regeneration takes place, building adaptation is an emerging practice where economy has a critical role to play in convincing client, users, designers and builders to encourage the local method of adaptation process to suit the changing need of the occupants. A case of adaptation of a residential building has been studied to generate an understanding of the local adaptation process. This process is found in many parts of the inner city built environment, which collectively affects urban regeneration process and reshape the urban form of the city and its edge condition. Findings from the exploratory studies suggest that despite the absence of Habrakenís support-infill knowledge, the local practice of adaptation can be institutionalized as a sustainable building development process that is more economic and place-responsive approach than rebuilding.
Keywords:Adaptability, Habraken, Urban Regeneration, Urban Form, Sustainable.

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