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Residents' Perception of Home Range in Cairo

By : A. Abdel-Hadi, E. El-Nachar, Heba Safieldin

Recent studies in the realm of housing design avow for the concept of Liveable Cities; an aspect which in turn, places emphasis on the concept of home range. The home range is regarded as the challenge to create a ‘near environment’ that is humanistic and fair, community-oriented and environmentally conscious; a relatively new conception towards responsive and sustainable environments for residents’ well-being. Considering that socio-cultural needs in tandem with architectural and urban characteristics correspond to residents perspectives of their home environment; hence, understanding residents' perceptions of their home range should provide designers with deeper insights for creating more responsive residential environments. This study aimed at identifying aspects that contribute to shaping the residents’ perception of their home range. The field study included two housing features within the same social class in Egypt with a focus on Cairo: residents of the city's original districts and immigrants of the city to newly suburban gated communities. The methodology was an in-depth qualitative study, exploratory in nature, based on a theoretical content analysis of literature on home range, and a field survey that investigated the residents' perception of the concept. Tools for data gathering relied on photographic and observation methods; together with a structured interview on a random sample in each of the two defined residential environments. Discussions relate findings to planning concepts, and finally, results have generated a framework for decision makers and designers.
Keywords:Home Range, Sustainability, Residents’ Perception, Formal Districts, Gated Communities.

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