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By : Saim Nalkaya

Architectural design process is subject to ambiguities surrounding not only definition of the procedures and the flow of the process, but also the nature of the information to be analyzed. This state of affairs is generally thought to require creative thinking for solving both different aspects of the problem, and integration of the parts of the solution. Creativity is mainly explained on the basis of novelty, utility and surprise. But it is not considered to be a unitary concept. The underlying structure of the design process has been introduced by the present study in relation to the levels of the decision making concerning the process. In addition a multidimensional view of architectural design has been provided as part of creative design-solving process, based on a multi-sensory perception of architecture, human needs, designer’s theoretical orientation for creativity, and incremental steps of creative problem-solving activity. The major realms of inquiry as part of the incremental steps of problem solving have been identified with reference to the study areas in professional degree programs in architecture. The model of architectural design process introduced is expected to help the problem solver interlink different parts of the solution established through creative design problem solving procedures.
Keywords : design process, creative design, multisensory perception, human needs, realms of inquiry.

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