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By : Antonio Frattari

CasaZeroEnergy is the prototype for a building that does not use energy produced from non-renewable sources, but produces its require energy by using alternative energetic systems. Designed according to the principles of bioclimatic architecture, the building was integrated with passive systems for optimizing the site's climatic conditions for heating in winter and for cooling and ventilation in summer. The house was constructed with natural, renewable, recycled and recyclable materials. For this reason it can be classified as a “natural building”. Its main feature is the integration between the building and the alternative systems in order to produce energy from renewable sources: sunspace, solar collectors, photovoltaic panels, a geothermal system and a pellet boiler system. Home automation manages all the mechanical systems to ensure comfort and reduced energy consumption at the same time. The sunspace is a passive solar system used mainly for heating indoor spaces during the winter season. The building's cooling system is based on natural ventilation strategies and on geothermal heat pumps. The building is provided with shading systems. A smart system was devised to guarantee user safety and security. This kind of system can be controlled remotely and provides constant security for the building.
Keywords: Wooden Building, Bioclimatic Design, Smart House, Zero Energy Building, Renewable Energy.

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