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Editorial: Vol 39 No 1 2014

By : Nicholas Wilkinson

Hugh Pearman, on page 75 of the new September RIBA Journal, (In part 3 CULTURE ) Pearman 2013, explains the changes he has brought about in terms of content, design and physical feel. This is to his credit to have been able to do this. The RIBA journal is now a very pleasant read, very sensitively laid out with quality colour images. Now that the editor Hugh Pearman has got this far I think it will be well maintained and carry itself through any difficult times. In the December 2013 edition the title Pearman used in the 3: Culture section on page 41 was Adapt and Survive . A subject very close to my thinking and philosophy as it embraces the whole theory of sustainability and enables structures to be filled in and modified whereby they remain up to date and keep in line with the development of technology and fashion. Adaptation can overcome the mainstream of peoples dreams and ideas of the present and future realms. Without trying to out-point the new RIBA Journal Open House International has turned forward into a new phase and has gone into colour from Vol.38 No.4 2013. Our approach is also to adapt and survive by incremental change. First we have full colour plates then image size will change and from there to text arrangement. With these in hand our the design and physical feel will be evident. In this open issue there are a number of interesting of subjects ranging from attitudes to urban open spaces to Sustainable Urbanism and Landscape design and Sustainable Development. Sustainability comes to the front in a number of manuscripts relating to urban and rural contexts. Lofts deal essentially with interiors but one manuscript shows a great deal of what can be done in confined spaces. A study of courtyard housing with Feng Shui creates a contrast around several different countries on the Cyprus China axis. An interesting topic of Demolition versus Deconstruction and Collaborative Design Processes almost completes the issue with the exception of an exceptional manuscript on Housing Co-ops. Adaptability and survival goes close hand in hand with each other. This is a long way from the sixties rigid concept where there was no adaptability especially in the government housing sector. Now we have all this reversed into a close and syncronised relationship between users and the owners. This is something we should care for and do our best to maintain and develop it.

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