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By : Serpil Özker

Lofts are housing forms converted from warehouse-workshop into a “habitable environment” in coastal towns of Europe and the USA after the Industrial Revolution. Particularly positioned in coastal towns of New York, Loft life made an impact in the world over time. It became a new form of living when artists converted structures like factories into habitable environment. From past to today, all national and international developments during the process affected and accelerated development of the constant evolution of housing concept. In that sense, in this study, the meaning of Lofts in Istanbul and the effect and change of socio-cultural stratification on spatial conversion of housing consumerism has been examined in the context of Istanbul. Especially, process of gentrification, shaped by effects of urban transformation post 1980, and cultural development affected by this process, attendant Loft life has become an accelerating way of life. In this context, historical and stylistic value and especially usage of Loft living has been examined. In the first chapter; past, present and the post-1980 development of housing sector in Istanbul, in the second chapter, with a thriving cultural life, and Loft formation, has been examined in the context of structural criteria, resulting three different Lofts have been discussed in detail. In the third section, three different types of Loft have been analyzed in the context of space depending on examples. As a result of researches, three different types of Lofts, “Original”, “Semi” and “Imitation” concepts have become clear and it has been concluded that “Imitation Loft” formation gives direction to life in Istanbul.
Keywords: Definition of Loft, Types of Loft, Housing Sector, Urban Transmission, Process of Gentrification.

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