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Editirial Vol 40 no1 2015

By : Nicholas Wilkinson

We continue our policy of theme issues and open issues twice a year. This particular open issue contains manuscripts on Community Participation, Real Estate Development, Housing Poverty, Dual Usage Sociability, Formal and Spatial Contemporary Transformation, Experimentation with Hanoks in Korean Housing, Infill Renovation and Post Ecological Architecture. These are based in a range of different countries from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Jordan, Turkey, Korea, to Japan. The inquiries are deep and thorough, maintaining a firm grip on subject matter and focus. Different lines from the two different abstracts give evidence to this. For example in the paper dealing with Ecological Architecture: Ecology shows us not on environmental problems; it shows that we need a new balance and harmony between individuals, beings, communities and all of Nature. China comes in three times therefore it is worth looking what the author(s) have to say here: Over the last two decades, China has experienced drastic transformation of housing systems as well as rapid urbanization. It is of great policy interests to investigate how these socioeconomic transformations have improved or aggravated the housing poverty conditions for those disadvantaged groups. In both cases much can be learned how societies manages to manage themselves to bring about stable and thriving economies. Looking towards the impact of the other manuscripts Infill Renovations by Kazunobo Minami in Japan shows how his approach has improved the condition of many apartments preventing them from serious deterioration. Very recently the Korean housing field has been awakened and successfully shown how to revive and reinterpret the traditional hanok. The hanok literally means the Korean-Style house. In Ankara modernization and changes in housing can be best seen in Kavaklidere- Ankara telling how a ‘modern’ lifestyle was brought about in the 50’s. To see the idea of how an ordinary business district exists in the day but turns into a very popular city night life spot at the end of the day offering a variety of leisure services mainly in the form of cafes and restaurants read Leila Bustami in the Emotional Sociability of the Abdoun Circle. Heritage Revitalisation Projects and Community Participation in Hong Kong are evaluated in the manuscript by Binqing Zhai and Albert Chan. We are trying to encourage Chinese authors to write for Open House International. Please suggest this to any Chinese architects/Planner or Urbanists you think might like to write an article. I can always follow this up. Complimentary copies can be sent. I hope that in the next year we will be able to publish a theme issue on China. Some suggestions from any of you for theme subjects would be helpful. From here to the future of our journal I hope we can formulate good themes and manuscripts and progress towards a journal of even better and higher quality.

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