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By : Şebnem Önal Hoşkara, Özgür Dinçyürek, S. Müjdem Vural

The international conference on Architectural Education, was held at the Faculty of Architecture, Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) in Famagusta, North Cyprus, on April 3-4, 2014. This conference has been organized in collaboration with the European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE), under the title of “Unspoken Issues in Architectural Education (UIAE)”. The main aim of UIAE-2014 conference was to bring a wide range of people who are involved in architectural education together to discuss architectural education from various perspectives. Providing such an international scholarly platform was expected to open new horizons for the future of architectural education. Thus, under the title of the conference, discussions were carried on within the main themes of “Diversified Mediums”, “Dynamic Philosophy”, and “Contradictory Education”. The conference was conducted by the presentation of 50 papers from 15 countries offering a variety of theoretical perspectives, approaches, experiences, and methodologies from interdisciplinary scholars, practitioners and students from all around the world working in the disciplines of design, architecture, art and architectural history, engineering, urban studies, cultural studies, sociology, environmental studies, or pedagogical studies. The presented papers by the participation of more than hundred scholars, discussed and investigated key challenges of architectural education in present time such as; the (ir)relevance of architectural education to the real world, the effects of media, working or designing for poor, disaster management, climate change, fuel poverty, the price of energy, conflicts and wars, number of architects and architectural schools questioning the methodology of teaching in architecture, accreditation for architectural schools and many other thought-provoking issues. Amongst the presented papers, 10 best papers were selected by the session chairs and referees to be published in this special issue of Open House International Journal with the theme of Unspoken Issues in Architectural Education. At this point we would like to acknowledge our distinguished colleagues Ayfer Aytuğ, Neslihan Dostoğlu, Karin Hofert, Yonca Hürol, Shahin Keynoush, Sevgi Lökçe, Stephan Maeder, Louis Nelson, Çiğdem Polatoğlu, Güven Arif Sargın and Ayse Sentürer for their invaluable contribution to this special issue throughout the selection and editorial process. The papers presented and the discussions conducted during the conference and thus in this special issue, opened new prospects to the future of architecture education in the coming years. In view of that, it is expected to see more investigations and development on those unspoken issues that addresses in this conference in other scholarly activities. It is hoped to realize the continuation of such an important intellectual event in the region in the format of upcoming international conferences with the main theme of “Unspoken Issues in Architectural Education”. The authors in this special issue represent a number of countries including Belgium, Denmark, Iran, Malaysia, The Netherlands and Turkey. Almost all published papers have supported their major theoretical discussion points by case studies of their own institutional curricula. It is expected that, this special issue would serve as a useful guide to researchers working in the field of architectural education to understand some of the contemporary, yet ‘unspoken issues’ in the field. It is hoped that, what remains ‘unspoken’ will be the core of the next Unspoken Issues in Architectural Education Conference.
Şebnem Önal Hoşkara, Faculty of Architecture Eastern Mediterranean University Email:
Özgür Dinçyürek, Faculty of Architecture Eastern Mediterranean University Email:
S. Müjdem Vural, Faculty of Architecture Eastern Mediterranean University Email:

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