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Editorial Vol 40 No3 2015

By : Nicholas Wilkinson

Catalina Gandelsonas

This is an ‘open’ issue but with a very special message in it. More than a week ago now Arch. Catalina Gandelsonas died of cancer. This sad news was relayed to me via Prof. Pat Wakely in London. Catalina was a remarkable woman. From the days at Lefke University (North Cyprus) she showed herself as a person who was very clear as to what she wanted and was most helpful and careful in achieving her aims. In the early nineties Catalina later became a member of the Open House International Board of editors. Her refereeing was always to the point with brevity. I wish to convey my condolences to her daughter and other family members and hope this message speaks for many of our other friends who also knew her. She was a remarkable person with much goodwill and a great energy and in addition to that she had a very endearing character.

Continuing this issue we have two manuscripts from the previous theme issue on UNSPOKEN ISSUES IN ARCHITECTURAL EDUCATION Urban Design Build, by Anna Grichting and Kyle Sturgeon and Architecture is not Technology by Michael Karassowitsch. The remaining ten manuscripts deal with a wide range of subjects from enclosed balconies, green building, design in China, historic buildings through to energy efficiency, ethics and conscience and finally ending with the evaluation of LEED.

We have given this issue quite a bit of thought combining manuscripts from one issue to another and consider wise choices have been made. This can be seen in the following pages and the board of editors hope you find the reading a very good one.

We are scheduling the issues well in advance so that you may receive them in good condition and on time.

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