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By : Achim Andreas Haid, Ali Özturen

This study aims to understand the house owners' energy concerns. An exploratory inductive research design has been chosen to explore the perceptions of households towards the modernization of energy use in residential buildings. Face-to-face interviews with experts and households were conducted in Baden-Württemberg, Germany to collect the data. This study found that most of the house owners do not know about the benefits of increasing the energy performance in residential buildings and which energy efficiency potentials they can acquire. Additionally, house owners’ superficial knowledge creates fears and doubts concerning the modernization of energy use in residential buildings. Moreover, this study found that the local public administration, such as the municipalities, has a good reputation among households. Hence, public marketing activities should be run locally. It is suggested that the public administration should not conduct any public marketing activities without the support, for example, of the mayor. Further, it is necessary to supply the house owners with clear and understandable information on the topic and to demonstrate the functionality of the technologies to increase energy efficiency in residential buildings. Moreover, interpersonal communication such as a hotline and personal advisory service concerning energy-efficient refurbishment of residential buildings can be very beneficial to support the households. Local public administration should aim to introduce public marketing activities to enhance the modernization of energy use in residential buildings.

Keywords: Energy Efficiency, Modernization of Energy Use, Residential Buildings, Utilization of Renewable Energies

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