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By : Kuang Sheng Liu, Sung-Lin Hsueh, Han-Yi Chen

Rapid economic growth has enriched the lives of individuals and yielded rising material and living standards. However, various types of public pollution problems have successively emerged, and environmental problems have worsened in recent years. Furthermore, the prevalence of leisure and the rapid development of regional tourism industries and bed and breakfast lodging have exacerbated environmental destruction and pollution in various locales. The inclusion of ecotourism into ecological education and the provision of ecolodge are beneficial for the design of student learning outcomes; moreover, community residents and tourists can grasp the importance of environmental protection and education through ecolodging experiences. This measure would improve public awareness of environmental protection, facilitate the cultivation of social responsibility, and achieve the objective of environmental protection advocacy. Therefore, this study explored the relationship between ecological education and the environment by using Kenting National Park, a tourist attraction in Taiwan, as the case study. Tourists visiting the location were the research subjects, and convenience sampling was conducted by distributing 505 questionnaires, with 372 valid responses recovered—a return rate of 74%. The research revealed the following results: (a) Environmental education is positively correlated with environmental attitude. (b) Environmental attitude is positively correlated with environmental behavior. (c) Environmental education is positively correlated with environmental behavior. Finally, this paper proposes recommendations based on the research results with the aim of facilitating environmental literacy, correct environmental attitudes, concern for ecosystems, and the realization of environmental behavior.

Keywords: Ecotourism, Ecolodge, Environmental Education, Environmental Attitude, Behavioral Intention.

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