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By : Elif Sonmez , Filiz Tavsan

It is likely that under modern-day conditions, design, designer and materials selection would follow a parallel continuum in a cycle. The attitude in materials selection confronts us as one of the substantial values directing the design. Therefore, it should be approached in certain criteria.
Today, designers have to put emphasis on not only the setting and style of the space they are designing, but also on the relationship between the materials used and the environment at the same time. In our day, designers have an intense awareness on the use of renewable resources. Hence, it is obvious that a special importance should be given to the fact that the materials are in a cycle of sustainable and recycled.
In this study, 15 design offices are asked the question of “what are the factors affecting your materials decisions and what are your selection criteria in general?” by using the interview technique. As a result of interviews conducted with design offices regarding their materials selection, many criteria are identified. It is seen that although sustainability is not clearly stated by designers among these criteria, it actively takes part in the content. In the light of answers provided and interviews, the relationship between materials selection criteria and sustainability will be examined over the standpoints of 12 offices that particularly mentioned the area of sustainability.

Keywords: Sustainability, Sustainable Design, Material Selection Criteria.

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